Molecular Provisions LLC is not a physician, and the scope of Molecular Provisions LLC consultation services does not include treatment or diagnosis of specific illnesses or disorders. If I, the client, suspect I may have an ailment or illness that may require medical attention, then it is my responsibility to consult with a licensed physician immediately. Only a licensed physician can prescribe drugs. 

Any mention of drugs in the course of consultation is only for the purpose of providing a complete history of drugs that the client is taking and not for Molecular Provisions LLC to judge the appropriateness of the medication. Any change in prescription or dosage is a decision the client makes with his or her physician.

Rather than dealing with treatment of disease, Molecular Provisions LLC focuses on wellness and prevention of illness through the use of nutritional therapies to achieve optimal health. As certified clinical nutritionists and functional medicine specialists, Molecular Provisions LLC primarily educates and motivates clients to assume more personal responsibility for their health by adopting a healthy attitude, lifestyle, and diet.

While people generally experience greater health and wellness as a result of embracing a healthier attitude, lifestyle, and diet, Molecular Provisions LLC does not promise or guarantee protection from future illness.

Molecular Provisions LLC is not responsible for any adverse reactions that may occur as a result of using our programs or supplements. It is essential that you consult with a qualified healthcare provider before using any of our products or programs, especially if you have a pre-existing medical condition, are pregnant, or are taking any medication.

Molecular Provisions LLC makes no warranties or guarantees as to the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of the information and recommendations provided by our programs or supplements. We cannot guarantee the results of any particular program or supplement, and the use of our products and services is entirely at your own risk.

By purchasing and using the products and services, you agree to release Molecular Provisions LLC from any and all liability, including but not limited to any direct or indirect damages, arising from the use of our products and services.

By accepting these terms below, I acknowledge that I understand that Molecular Provisions LLC is not a physician, and that I should see a doctor if I think I have a medical condition. Molecular Provisions LLC will not be held liable for failure to diagnose or treat an illness, nor will they be liable for failure to prevent future illness.

In addition, I have given Molecular Provisions LLC a complete and accurate account of any medical conditions that I may have and any medications that I am taking.


I hereby acknowledge and agree:


  1. The purpose of Molecular Provisions LLC products and services are to improve the overall health, vitality and well-being of the body through nutritional education and the use of natural foods and non-medicinal nutritional supplements. Molecular Provisions LLC, does not diagnose diseases, disorders or conditions.
  1. Molecular Provisions LLC, is not a licensed Dietitian, Naturopathic Doctor or Medical Physician.
  1. As part of Molecular Provisions LLC products and services, I may be asked to provide information concerning my physical habits, medical history, moods, energy levels, likes and dislikes, lifestyle and diet. This information is collected to enable Molecular Provisions LLC to: (i) assess my knowledge of nutrition, (ii) educate me about the benefits of sound nutritional practices and (iii) recommend dietary changes to improve my general health, vitality and overall well-being. Molecular Provisions LLC will hold this information in confidence and will not release or disclose this information to any other person, without my prior consent, except as required by applicable law.
  1.  If Molecular Provisions LLC, suspects the existence of disease, disorder or condition, I will be informed of this suspicion. However, I acknowledge this is not a diagnosis or conclusion about the state of my health and that I am directed to promptly consult a licensed Physician or Naturopath about any suspected problems.
  1. Should I request Molecular Provisions LLC, to recommend dietary changes and/or nutritional supplements to enhance my body’s natural ability to resist and/or overcome a known disease, disorder or condition, it is my responsibility to disclose the nature of the disease, disorder or condition and all other relevant details toMolecular Provisions LLC. If I have not previously consulted a licensed Physician or Naturopath about this disease, disorder or condition, I acknowledge that I am directed to promptly do so. I am not to alter or discontinue treatments prescribed by a licensed Naturopath, Physician or other licensed health professional without consulting the individual who prescribed the treatment.
  1.  In providing products and services to me, Molecular Provisions LLC, is relying upon the truth, accuracy and completeness of all information I have provided to her. Any recommendations I follow for changes in diet, including the use of nutritional supplements, are entirely my responsibility.
  1.  Molecular Provisions is in no way liable for my health or safety.
  1.  I understand that any therapies I undertake at Molecular Provisions LLC are undertaken of my own free will. I accept that the ultimate responsibility for my health care is my own and that Molecular Provisions is here to support me in this. I understand that my practitioner reserves the right to determine which cases fall outside their scope of practice, in which event an appropriate referral will be recommended. I hereby agree to assume full responsibility for any manner of loss, injury, claim or damage whatsoever, known or unknown, incurred as a result of same and I, my heirs, executors, administrators or assigns for any loss, injury, claim or damage sustained as a result of my attendance and/or participation. I have read the above release and waiver of liability, and fully understand its contents and voluntarily agree to the terms and conditions stated.