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Metabolic Testing (OMX)

Metabolic Testing (OMX)

What is OMX? 

OMX ™ Organic Metabolomics test evaluates urine metabolites, including organic acids, amino acids, and other key compounds. This test helps reveal the summary of findings occurring in the cellular metabolic pathways and increases the understanding of biochemical relationships. Our bodies will not work as efficiently if there is a blockage in any part of the metabolic cycle as this is foundational for homeostasis. 

How does OMX work? 

Using a urine sample OMX assesses the inputs and outputs of biological pathways that provide a representation of the functional state of the cell. This test evaluates patterns of metabolites related to core biological systems, offering insight into biochemical dysfunctions that may be of concern. Factors that alter metabolites are diet, nutrient status, toxin exposure, physiologic demands, gut health, genetics, and if the body is in a diseased state. 

What will you discover?

OMX allows an individual to discover their bio-individual metabolic signature. Revealing insights into cellular metabolic pathways, amino acids, protein metabolism, nutrition status markers, stress, and mood markers, toxin impacts, and microbial metabolites.  Together these metabolites establish the functional status of key areas of health.

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    Who benefits from OMX Organic Metabolomics?

    Wellness begins on the cellular level and healthy cells equal a happy body. Both men and women benefit from an OMX test to optimize and be proactive in their health. OMX assists in identifying any imbalances occurring internally, the results can provide insight into the following areas:

    • Metabolic and macronutrient processing

    • Nutritional and vitamin status

    • Level and flow of amino acid

    • Detoxification 

    • Mood issues

    • Gut concerns

    • Overall well-being